Because our mountains are a sacred blessing, I believe in protecting our building height limits so that this uplifting skyscape is visible to all.

Because there is a tipping point for every city, I believe in wise, gradual growth that retains walkable neighborhoods where people greet each other, children bike safely, and noise and traffic have not reached a stressful and dangerous level.

Because the exponential growth that has happened these last few years has not made Boulder more affordable but, rather, far more expensive — with housing prices, commercial rents and property taxes rising rapidly — I shun the deceptive cry to “Build MORE to make Boulder affordable.”

Because we were warned a decade ago that bringing more and more jobs into Boulder and not maintaining a reasonable jobs/housing ratio would make the demand for housing and prices skyrocket, I question those who ignored and fought against this warning.

Because organizations with names like “Better Boulder” spent vast amounts of money to defeat having development pay its fair share of impact fees and to stop neighborhoods from having the right to determine their own future, I ask, “Better for whom?” Perhaps for the developers, real estate associations, investors and others who direct and fund these groups and profit greatly from more growth.

For all these reasons, I support candidates who truly wish to make Boulder more affordable and diverse; to help small, local businesses be able to stay here; to uphold limits that protect Boulder’s natural beauty; to fight for social justice and a healthier environment; and to listen to all residents and grant neighborhoods self-determination.

Please join me in voting for John Gerstle, Cindy Carlisle, Mary Young, Sam Weaver and Mirabai Nagel. They have the vision, compassion, and experience to help us reach these goals.

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