Make energy public

I support what Cameron Brooks says in his guest opinion (“Municipalization is about more than clean electrons”) that creating our own publicly owned utility is “a step into the future.”

As reported recently in Yes! Magazine, “our best shot at meeting Paris goals is to make energy public.” (

This conclusion is based on a study of over 1,600 cities in 45 countries that have chosen public ownership over corporate ownership. The study, by the Transnational Institute, found that cities and towns that want well-run water and sanitation services, low-cost access to the internet, and affordable housing should keep those operations public or run by local nonprofits. If these services are now private, the institute recommends “re-municipalization.” (

Personally, I am very concerned about climate change. And I think that Xcel’s proposal of 55 percent renewables by 2026, though a positive step, is woefully inadequate given the current state of the climate — even if Xcel manages to follow through — especially considering that Xcel plans to keep burning coal until 2070.

I want to step into the future sooner than 2070. I’m excited about moving quickly to 100 percent clean energy, the way the Georgetown, Texas, utility did just this year. I want to take the next prudent step and to learn what having our own public utility would really cost. Once we know that, we can make an informed decision about going further.

I urge everyone to vote yes on Ballot Issues 2L, 2O, and 2P. I want to step toward a positive future.

Renée Rosario, Boulder

I’m pulling for the planet

I’m worried about all these intense hurricanes, droughts, and fires. Climate change just seems to be happening faster and faster. I’m afraid for my son’s future.

I think it is going to take all of us around the world, each of us doing everything we can, to slow this monster down.

That’s why I don’t want to throw away all our leverage and everything we’ve learned now that we’ve just earned a path forward for clean energy. We don’t have time to start over with more discussions but no concrete plans.

I don’t want to drop everything and surrender to Xcel. I trust us here in Boulder more than I do Xcel. And Xcel doesn’t share our goal of 100 percent clean energy. One hundred percent is what we need.

In all our time spent exploring municipalization, we’ve spent only a tiny fraction of what Xcel takes out of our community in just a single year in profit. Xcel just raised their rates by about $3 per household per month and are requesting another rate hike of 9.6 percent over the next four years.

So I’m happy to spend a couple of dollars a month to get out from under this and keep moving forward for clean energy.

I’m pulling for my son. I’m pulling for the planet. I’m voting yes on 2L, 2O, and 2P for a better future.

Amber Hess, Boulder

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