I try to stay on track when I start a multi-week discussion like the one I started several weeks ago about how amplifiers work.

I try. But these dang local musicians keep producing amazing works of art week after week, and lately, the new stuff has been really killer.

This region produces very high caliber sound when compared nationally, and we need to celebrate and encourage the whole process as much as we can if we’re to be true local music fans. So this week, I pause the amp talk to bring a couple of new and very excellent albums to your attention.

One is ready for listen right now, and the other is set to be released in a month but has a single or two already out.

Gassed up

Starting off the list is a band that will actually be responsible for two album releases this year: The Gasoline Lollipops.

Don’t pretend you’ve never heard of Boulder’s favorite band, as voted in four out of six recent years in the Colorado Daily’s “Best of Boulder” reader survey. If you haven’t heard of the Gasoline Lollipops, keep it to yourself and get caught up via Spotify, iTunes, et al.

While you’re there, you might notice a new single from the upcoming new release from the GasPops (as they’re known by fans): “Soul Mine.” This is the title track from the upcoming album, whose official release is scheduled to coincide with a release show at the Fox Theatre on Dec. 16.

You can’t listen to the whole album yet, but I have and it is masterful. Fans of the band know that songwriter and lead singer Clay Rose is a prolific author, and this album went from Kickstarter project to completion at a blistering pace.

Despite the speed, the band managed to coax a bigger, more open sound out of their tight ensemble than ever before. Make no mistake — this is the best-sounding album yet from the local heavyweights.

Check out the single now, look for another to be released shortly and pen that spot into your calendar — Dec. 16 — for what will surely be a raucous good time.

Short but sweet

I’ve been waiting for this one to drop for a while, and the boys in Denver/Boulder-based The RunniKine have just dropped it. “Danger Close” is now available via the band’s Bandcamp page as a digital download where you can name your price. I love EP releases because a band can crank them out and reduce the wait time for fans to enjoy new output. These fellows spent a little more time on this short release, and it shows in the result.

Unpolished, fun, quirky and familiar is exactly what they’re going for on the vocal side. Jazzy, composed, precise and powerful is what they offer on the instrument side. Put the two together, and you have three virtuosos impressing and having a great time while doing it. The boys move in and out of themes on the EP, making “Danger Close” one of those records you can put on repeat for a while and forget that the track list ends after three.

Look for more from these slayers in the future, but first, stop by the ‘Camp and download a copy.

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