The muni zombie is still alive

The muni vote continues the waste of our precious time and money. You students need to know this. I suggest that Boulder residents bypass the muni and get solar or Xcel’s Windsource now and don’t wait for the muni demise. Muni supporters have done nothing but criticize Xcel and ignore the muni deceits and failures, and they have led approximately half our neighbors and 2,000 students into that same dark tunnel.

I have a sunny roof and got solar installed in 2011 for no money down and a monthly payment that actually saves me a buck. Find some company in Boulder like Solar City or Namaste that will do the same if you, like me, don’t have money for an expensive purchase. If you don’t have a sunny roof or live in an apartment, check out Xcel’s Windsource.

I could cover all of my electricity with Windsource for $65.70 per year or $5.48 per month. Based on 2012 demographics for Boulder, the average household might have to pay about $12.60 per month or $151.11 per year, totaling about $6.26 million dollars for 100 percent renewables for all Boulder households. We already have a carbon tax that could cover it all!

Ken Regelson, a muni supporter, shoots the muni zombie in the head with this quote, “Bill McKibben says, ‘Climate change is a war where winning slowly is exactly the same thing as losing.’ And now if we’re willing to chip in the equivalent cost of a good cup of coffee each month for a few years, we have the chance to start moving faster than Xcel and save money as well.”

For no additional cost, we could all be 100 percent renewable with just the current Boulder carbon tax. The muni is either winning slowly or, more accurately, losing slowly. In either case, it is “exactly the same thing as losing.”

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By Patrick Murphy, Boulder

GOP tax bill helps small-business owners

Recent articles claim federal Republicans’ new tax bill won’t bring much-needed relief to the middle-class and small-business owners.

As a hardworking small-business owner, let me clear up this misinformation and briefly explain how this bill will help ordinary taxpayers and the vast majority of small business owners that pay tax at individual rates. First, the bill would double the income threshold under which taxpayers pay zero tax to $24,000. Second, it would eliminate the 15 percent tax bracket in favor of an expanded 12 percent bracket on the next $90,000 of earnings.

These two reforms alone will save hardworking taxpayers a couple of thousand dollars a year, which will stay in communities to create economic activity and new jobs. The bill would roughly double the child tax credit, which would save taxpayers with children even more.

Small businesses would benefit from a new 9 percent tax bracket on their first $75,000 of earnings, saving them several thousand dollars a year that can be reinvested in business expansion, higher wages and new jobs.

The tax bill strengthens the middle-class and small-business backbone of the country, media accounts notwithstanding.

By Curt Henderson, Centennial

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