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Happy New Year!

I forgot to write this column. I never forget, of course. The deadline hasn’t changed in years, and I know it internally. I planned to write it on the plane to Mexico, but it was a really bumpy flight, so my sister and I got drunk instead. Then I was totally going to write it when we got here, but we visited a turtle sanctuary and helped release baby turtles into the sea. I fully intended to write it yesterday, but instead I watched a sunset from an infinity pool.

So yeah, sorry about this. But also, not sorry. I’m living the good life this week, and I take none of it for granted. I wish a prospero año to you and yours, as well.

I know 2017 was a tough year for us all. It wore us down, it wore us out. It was at times scary, sad and infuriating. But it was also an occasion to step back, take stock of what is important and be grateful for what we have. I am so incredibly grateful for the past year. I got to travel around the country and see friends and family on both coasts. I got to see my sister get married. I got to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a decade. Just this morning, I got to watch my 3-year-old niece set a table and then steal bacon for her imaginary friends’ breakfast party. It’s little moments like these that have kept me going this year, even when it feels like the world is falling apart.

And make no mistake, the world has been falling apart. I understand what a privilege it is to say that I found good in the last year. But I’ve been able to do it by shrinking my world. By spending more time in a moment than on a screen. By holding my friends and family close. And by embracing a different set of priorities: time with those I love, experiences over material things, travel near and far, my garden, my dogs, handwritten cards in the mail, a good glass of wine. These are the things that have brought me so much comfort and joy this year.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. I hope that little idiom is true for the upcoming year, because as I sit here writing this I’m looking at the ocean, drinking a mimosas, surrounded by my nearest and dearest. It’s the most fantastic start to a new year, and I wish you the same.

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