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CWA running like a business

When Bruce Benson was appointed president of the University of Colorado, he promised to run it “like a business.” Leapfrog forward in time, and today we have the Conference on World Affairs, formerly committed to town-and-gown inclusion and relying on volunteer involvement, now not only closing a major address to the public, but also charging an admission fee for students and faculty who wish to attend. “Like a business” indeed! CWA founder Howard Higman’s bones are spinning in his grave.

Robert Porath, Boulder

President is assembling a war cabinet

In replacing Rex Tillerson, one of the last remaining moderate-voiced “adults” in the Trump administration, with bellicose hyena Mike Pompeo, this deplorable president is assembling a war cabinet. War is his “trump card” to distract from a Mueller-fueled criminal indictment, and North Korea is his likely target. The blowhard bully said so himself in his State of the Union speech: “There is tremendous divisiveness in the nation, and I want to unify the country, but it is hard to do it without a traumatic event affecting Americans.”

A Democratic majority in Congress could prevent the catastrophe of nuclear war by impeaching this traitor who has dismantled our diplomatic corps, allowed his unqualified advisors with no security clearance see our country’s most secret intelligence, and whom the Russians groomed to become their “useful idiot.”

It is not too early to organize voters to turn out in November and turn Republicans out of Congress.

Bruce Joffe, Piedmont, Calif.

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