As we approach the midterm elections, it is gratifying to review the slate of well-qualified Colorado candidates who are vying for public office. In particular, Rep. Mike Foote is eminently qualified to take the helm as the next Boulder County district attorney.

Among his qualifications, Rep. Foote has served for more than a decade as a deputy district attorney in the Boulder County DA’s office, earning a solid reputation as an effective prosecutor who supports progressive criminal justice reform and restorative justice initiatives.

Rep. Foote has also served for six years as a state representative (District 12), advocating for sensible public safety and environmental protections. His recent editorial “Forced Pooling Threatens our Open Space” eloquently describes the unrestrained power wielded by the oil and gas industry and their ability to force unwilling property owners to accommodate heavy industrial operations on their land, even when the property owner also owns the mineral rights! He has sponsored several bills related to oil and gas, including HB18-1289, which is currently under consideration and would exempt local governments from being forced to allow oil and gas operations on open space lands.

I have personally enjoyed working with Rep. Foote through his commitment to mentoring, which has empowered ordinary citizens like me to participate effectively in the legislative process. Thanks to Rep. Foote’s initiative, more citizen advocates are standing up to well-funded corporate interests and their paid lobbyists to demand accountability from our elected officials.

For many years Rep. Foote has displayed an unwavering commitment to protecting the health, safety and well-being of Boulder County residents. Please join me in supporting him to serve as the next Boulder County district attorney.

Kimberly Gibbs, Gunbarrel

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