It has been said that the truest claim to the American continent are those who walked here. My Mexican neighbor walked most of the way here. I get to say these things because I have a distant Native relative. America stands in your shoes.

If every person in America lived as the Singaporeans do, every single person would fit in the state of Texas. We have room, folks. Lots. It is a great exodus, fleeing the drug war horror, the Middle East war horror, brought in our name to the world; and their partners.

This country is great and has been since after the war of 1812. We have gone astray, horribly, but not to be lost. We have room for those who clean your house, wash your dishes when you eat served food. Who cares for your land? We have room — lots. For people who work hard and are true with church and family, and the laws of this land.

Donald Trump is a toad in a well; he is just beginning to realize it.

By William Sapin, Boulder