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High performance audio equipment is cool and all, but let’s remember this hobby is about enjoying music. Let’s hit pause on the audiophile stuff for a minute and catch up on some great local bands and their doings.

Goal reached

Boulder’s teenager-led power-funk quartet the Jaden Carlson Band reached its crowdfunding campaign goal this week, and will release the record Saturday night at a free show at the Lazy Dog in downtown Boulder.

Your Saturday night plans are set. If you don’t know how good this group and its wildly prolific leader are, you probably owe it to yourself to go downtown and pay nothing to discover one of the area’s most insane talents.

The new record is, in my critical opinion, straight fire. Like a conflagration kind of fire — world-ending fire. Punchy, edgy, forward thinking and riddled with the eye-popping melodies and guitar licks that have made Jaden famous in these parts.

Readers of this column may remember how I gushed over Boulder’s Intuit Band’s 2017 release “Canyon Roots.” When it was released, I loved it, and at the end of the year, it took the honors for my favorite local album of 2017.

Well it turns out that the Jaden Carlson Band’s new CD “Keepin’ It Movin'” was mixed and mastered by the same uber-talented engineer, Tira Neal. And I gotta say … this record deserves a place next to releases from some of the top bands in the genre, like the Motet, the Nth Power, Lettuce, Umphrey’s McGee and others.

New name, same fuzz

Boulder’s coolest rock ‘n’ rollers all come from the same household. Something’s up in the Demitro home, because siblings John, Lulu and Demi have all been bitten by the vintage retro goth rock kind of bug, whatever that looks like. It probably has monster fangs.

Last year saw little sister Demi’s project the Velveteers really take off, with an EP release and an overseas tour. Brother John plays drums in this duo, with Demi’s searing vocals and thrashing fuzz guitar up front. And you really need to see all the murdered dolls onstage to fully experience this group.

Speaking of fuzz, John and sister Lulu’s rock trio Bandits was forced to make a recent name change. The name Bandits apparently caused some legal issues, so the three-piece recently switched it up to a new name: Pink Fuzz.

Visit to see their latest music video, shot and edited by John and starring Lulu.

I love it. If you’ve never heard of Pink Fuzz or Velveteers before, do check out the music and videos. And consider making it to one of their dark, rocking shows.

Scientific breakthrough

Not so local, but not so not local either, electronic duo Break Science released a banger-filled album recently, and if you haven’t checked out “Grid of Souls” yet, please do. It’s accessible right off the bat, it’s expertly produced and it’s how I get my Adam Deitch drumming fix until the next Lettuce record comes out. Fire up that fire.

Next week we’ll get back to the business of audiophile basics with a look at amplifiers.

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