The Burns, Ore., District Bureau of Land Management has put out a memorandum about its population management plan for the Warm Springs Herd Management Area: “The research project is proposed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Colorado State University (CSU) in cooperation with the Burns District Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Burns District BLM proposes to allow the USGS and CSU to evaluate the safety, complication rate, and feasibility of ovariectomy via colpotomy on wild horse mares and the impacts to mare and band behavior once returned to the range as compared with an untreated herd.”

The American Wild Horse Campaign wrote: “The weight of scientific evidence and public opinion clearly supports a BLM decision NOT to proceed with these sterilization procedures.

“The ‘ovariectomy via colpotomy’ procedure is dangerous, costly and impractical for use in the field, due to the serious health risks they pose to the horses and their unborn foals, and also due to the great expense of purchasing the equipment and training the number of veterinarians necessary to implement these procedures on the range.”

The WindDancer Foundation feels that the CSU vet college will tarnish its reputation with this proposed sterilization surgery. My personal veterinarian, both a graduate of CSU and a licensed MD, denounced this procedure as being reckless, an unprofessional ethics violation and cruel to these wild horses.

Please stand with the WindDancer Foundation to denounce this project. Call on the hospital director of the CSU vet school to pull its participation from this project, and call the USGS office in Fort Collins and the Burns, Ore., BLM office to condemn this sterilization procedure.

Michael Golembeski, Larkspur, Colo.