Dad jumped to his feet, shouting, shaking the remote at the TV news reporter. “They can’t say that! He’s the PRESIDENT!”

“Dad, calm down. He may be the president, but the man’s a crook.”

As a proud Republican in the ’70s, Dad revered the office. He had absolute faith that a duly elected president would never betray the people through word or action.

I was an active Republican serving in the Iowa House of Representatives, one of a plurality of elected Republican leaders who contacted our federal peers expressing dismay and alarm, urging an investigation into the possible impeachment of President Nixon.

In those long-ago days, it seemed like common sense to those of us whose neighbors had chosen us to protect our common values above personal political survival. We’d sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. That was our job.

We were so naive. Today’s Republican members of the House and Senate appear to put self-interest ahead of duty to us and to the nation. Others have decided to retire, in disgust, from a regime led by a man who insists that his personal needs be financially and emotionally rewarded by fawning compliance.

We have a president who stokes racial hatred, income inequality, denigration of women, denial of a potentially catastrophic environmental future and national isolation in a shared world.

In other words, we have a president who denigrates all the values that once were “Republican.”

As citizens, we have a responsibility to reclaim our shared future.

Sue B. Mullins, Loveland

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