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  • Adam checks out the fragrance of a cannabis product with...

    Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer

    Adam checks out the fragrance of a cannabis product with Bud Tender Julia Greff at Terrapin Care Station in Boulder.

  • The Fitter in Boulder has been selling pipes, bongs and...

    Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer

    The Fitter in Boulder has been selling pipes, bongs and hippie goods from more than 40 years.

  • Colorado is a magical place where you can buy marijuana...

    Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer

    Colorado is a magical place where you can buy marijuana by the ounce, gram or teacup.

  • Shawn Holland, 21, takes a rip off a gas mask...

    Seth McConnell / The Denver Post

    Shawn Holland, 21, takes a rip off a gas mask bong during the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver.



Back in my day, we had to find a kid on campus who had a guy outside of campus to score some mediocre weed that would get passed around and finished off in one night.

Now, kids have it easy. As long as you’re the right age and in the right state, you have access to every strain and every marijuana product you could ever imagine. Not only that, but you know it’s regulated and unlikely to be laced with something you definitely were not expecting when you lit up your joint.

With the passing of Amendment 64 in 2012, Colorado residents 21 or older (with a government-issued ID) can legally possess 1 ounce of marijuana or THC. Out-of-state visitors and students 21 or older (with a government-issued ID) can purchase up to a quarter ounce (source:

There is one problem though: You need a place to legally smoke or eat it. You can’t light up outside the dispensary — or in any other public space, for that matter. The University of Colorado’s policy also says it’s illegal for anyone to have or use marijauna on campus in any form, even if it’s medical.

So that means your dorm, the quad, the library bathroom are all out of the question. And most apartments off-campus probably prohibit it, too.

But we have no doubt you’ll find a way. When you do, don’t drive high, or you’ll get a DUI.

Most Boulder dispensaries close before 10 p.m., so plan ahead. Shoppers usually need to make the last purchase before 9:45 p.m.

Two more tips before I tell you where to go make your first legal pot purchase: Do not take it across state lines and do not mail it to your friends back home unless you want to see what the inside of Boulder County Jail looks like.

Oh, and beware the edibles. If you’ve never ingested an edible, talk to the lovely budtenders at the dispensary. Those sneak up on you, so you might think you’re fine eating the whole tub of cookies, but you’ll be headed to outer space in about 40 minutes.

Below are pot shops and where to get pipes, bongs and general hippie shit.

Boulder’s recreational pot shops

14er Holistics, 2897 Mapleton Ave.

Boulder Botanics, 1750 30th St.

Boulder Wellness Center, 5420 Arapahoe Ave.

Drift, 1750 30th St., Unit 12, 720-612-4382

Fresh Baked Dispensary, 2539 Pearl St.

Green Dream Cannabis, 6700 Lookout Road, #5

Green Tree Medicinals, 5565 Arapahoe Ave., Suite G

Karing Kind, 5854 Rawhide Court

Magnolia Road, 1750 30th St.

MMJ America, 1909 Broadway

Native Roots, 1146 Pearl St.

Elements Boulder, 1534 55th St.

Terrapin Care Station, 1795 Folsom St., and 5370 Manhattan Circle, #104

The Green Room, 2750 Glenwood Dr.

The Growing Kitchen, 8401 Baseline Road

The Honey Cellar, 5290 Arapahoe Ave.

The Station, 3005 28th St.

Trill Alternatives, 1537 Pearl St.

Village Green Society, 2043 16th St.

Helping Hands Dispensary, 1021 Pearl St.

The Farm, 2801 Iris Ave.

Paraphernalia, pokers, pipes (and good ol’ hippie shit)

Freaky’s Smoke Shop & Tattoo, 1135 Broadway

Mile High Pipes & Tobacco, 1144 Pearl St.

Paradise Smokeshop, 1546 28th St.

Buddha’s & Goudha’s, 2009 13th St.

Crystal Dragon, 3330 Arapahoe Ave.

Rocketman Boulder, 4461 Broadway

Baba’s Pipe & Hookah, 1650 Broadway

Wild Side, 1111 13th St.

The Fitter, 1303 Broadway

Illuzion Glass Galleries, 2740 Canyon Blvd.

Madeline St. Amour: