Questions for Donald Trump

What is your problem with people of color? Perhaps it’s in your family’s DNA. We know your father was admonished for not renting to blacks. Your comments after Charlottesville invited white supremacists and racists to move from the margins to the mainstream. Is “America First” your code for “whites first”? Blacks and whites are not a duality. Research has shown us that every person on earth falls somewhere on the same racial pigmentation continuum.

Why have you still not noticed the fundamental difference between the goals of business and government? The object of business is to make money. The object of government is to protect, serve and improve the lives of its citizens. Corruption and other ethical problems quickly percolate to the surface when business and government become one. In that regard, we have all noticed that you and your family are compromised to the max. The Frenchman de Tocqueville long ago warned us about placing too much value on business while ignoring the higher values of civility, truth, equality and justice. On the issue of justice, James Baldwin made the observation that “ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

Why are you so fond of dictators and strongmen? You regularly insult and anger our allies while giving praise to the world’s strongmen. The two values that you have demonstrated thus far are the exercise of power and the accumulation of wealth, so is it the possible business connections that attracts you to these autocrats?

What did Steve Bannon mean when he referred to “abolishing the administrative state”? Is that why every one of your cabinet picks was a fox in the henhouse selection, chosen to dismantle the machinery and possibilities of government?

Why do you insult, bully, and anger our allies? Your narcissistic man-child hissy fits at the Canadian G-7 meeting and at the NATO gathering in Brussels were a great embarrassment. Every nation needs friends and allies. Threatening and turning our backs on so many nations will hurt us in multiple ways. Those we are now bullying will become ever more reluctant to share critical intelligence in our struggle against terrorism and other extreme behaviors. You may be laying the groundwork for another 9/11 as you piss off much of the world and distance us from the rest of humanity. Wake up, Donald. Climate change alone dictates our acknowledgment that we are all in this together.

Jackson Wolfe, Louisville

Offer help to those who stutter

It’s back-to-school time — new clothes, new backpacks, new schools and new friends. But for some children, old fears arise.

For the student who stutters, the beginning of the school year is a time fraught with anxiety and doubt. Will my classmates like me? Will the teacher understand I may need a few extra seconds to get my words out? Will I be bullied?

One in five children may experience issues with fluency during early development. The Stuttering Foundation has help for students, parents and teachers. For practical help and up-to-date information, visit us at

Jane Fraser, president of The Stuttering Foundation, Memphis, Tenn.

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