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    Mothers' latest album brings an innovative experimental rock twinge to the folksy indie sound they became known for.



Here at Radio 1190, the school year is ramping up and we have a plethora of new volunteers and DJs getting involved. Our recent favorite albums around the station include “I Hate Myself” by P.H.F., “Render Another Ugly Method” by Mothers, “Monocloud” by Nestoria and “Roadkill” by Capital Punishment.

P.H.F. (aka Perfect Hair Forever) is the project of Auckland producer Joe Locke. The group is best known for its 2016 single “Queen” featuring prominent bedroom pop artist Clario. Their latest release is an 11-track achievement in lo-fi rock. These songs are pop-rock at their core, but the distorted guitar and bedroom production feel give them DIY sensibilities that strongly appeal to 1190 DJs and listeners alike. I’ve caught myself humming the melodies to myself more times than I’d like to admit. “I Hate Myself” will without a doubt be revisited when I look back at my favorite albums of 2018.

Originally formed as the solo project of Kristine Leschper while studying in Athens, Ga., Mothers, now located in Philadelphia, has become an indie favorite since their freshman release in 2016. Their latest album, “Render Another Ugly Method,” brings an innovative experimental rock twinge to the folksy indie sound they became known for. What many have begun to consider the “Philly” sound (twangy guitars, atypical time signatures and a generally off-kilter feel) has come to the forefront of their music, but the indie folk charm hasn’t been lost. Mothers is starting their U.S. tour next week and will be in Denver on Oct. 21 at the Larimer Lounge.

“Monocloud” from Seattle rock group Nestoria is a sprawling 32-minute shoegaze/post-rock journey. Atmospheric guitar and minimal vocals define this album that ebbs and flows like a stream. Although many tracks are long, they develop at a great pace and never come across as repetitive. “Monocloud” is a blissful soundtrack for doing homework, relaxing outside or taking a nap.

Last but certainly not least is an album with a backstory just as interesting as the music itself. Capital Punishment, formed in 1979, was a high school band from New York City. They never went on to be famous for their music, but a few of the members have gained notoriety in other ways. Their lineup included Arizona Supreme Court Justice Peter Swann and actor Ben Stiller. “Roadkill,” Capital Punishment’s only release is not what most would expect when they hear “high school band.” The experimental rock album is sophisticated, innovative and, most of all, just flat-out weird. Full of samples, haunting talk/sing vocals, funky bass lines and unhinged guitar, “Roadkill” certainly isn’t for everyone, but those who appreciate late ’70s/early ’80s industrial music will certainly find something to love.

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