Vote no on Proposition 112

Proposition 112 is a ballot measure that would impose extreme setback requirements on energy production. If approved, the proposal could have serious consequences for all Coloradans. Implementing the measure’s setbacks would eliminate an estimated 147,000 jobs by 2030 and reduce state GDP by $26 billion. That’s more than the entire yearly economic output of Boulder. And this is money that funds our schools, roads and health care services.

Many Coloradans have already come out against Proposition 112 — local Chambers of Commerce, the Colorado Women’s Alliance, and groups representing ranchers and contractors. Even Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis is against this measure. I’m siding with them instead of out-of-state activists and voting no on Proposition. 112. You should, too.

Justin Amyx, Elizabeth, Colo.

The answer to immigration

Though no one talks about it, the only real solution to keeping people from wanting to come to the United States en masse is helping those countries primarily south of us transform their countries and societies into places where people want to live, work, and raise families.

Shouldn’t we start with Mexico, sit down with its leaders, and develop a Marshall-type Plan to re-create that country? It would partially “move the battlefield” out of the United States and into Mexico. When that battle has turned, then we and Mexico can help the next countries, Guatemala and Belize, then so on and so on.

This won’t happen overnight; it will take decades if not generations to achieve. However, if a city has a weak neighborhood, the answer is not walling off the houses there; it is renovating and rejuvenating it. The analogy works with vision and action.

Robert Butler, Marmaduke, Ariz.

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