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With midterm elections fast approaching, we are writing to pledge our support for Congressman Mike Coffman. We’ve known Coffman for several years, and we are proud to have him represent the diverse community of the 6th congressional district, including Aurora. We can attest to his proven support and dedication for human rights, inclusion, immigration and access to health care. He’s been instrumental in the passage of HR 128, a bill believed to have contributed to the historic change and reconciliation in Ethiopia. Through his unwavering support and dedication, our communities have been made stronger.

As a war veteran, he understands the price for freedom. As a business owner, he knows the importance of self-preservation and economic development. He inspires the young and respects his elders. He brings a proven record of bipartisan stance on issues that matter the most for his constituents. He has the tenacity to stand up to the highest office because of his dedication to uphold his responsibilities as an elected official. It is an honor to elect a leader with love for his community and commitment to its success.

Pastor Yohannes Woldemichael, Pastor Teame Desta, Pastor Vincent Omegba, Nebyou Asfaw, Merid Seifu, Girum Alemayehu, Alem Seyum, Sophia Belew and Mamay Worku, Aurora