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In 1973, under President Richard Nixon, Congress passed the Endangered Species Act. There is some question about the motivation behind this wondrous piece of legislation. Was it meant to prevent individual species from dying out, like the passenger pigeon or the dodo bird, or was it because lawmakers and the public realized that in the web of life, everything is connected?

Some species face extinction from overhunting or overfishing, but the majority of threatened plants and animals are victims of habitat destruction. Forty-five years later, environmental damage has finally caught up with humans. The contamination of our water, land and air have put us in this category. As respected author Terry Tempest Williams writes, “We are all endangered species on an endangered planet.”

I urge everyone to support Citizens Climate Lobby. Using the tools of legislation, we can curb the burning of fossil fuels while improving the quality of life for all of us here on Earth without sacrifice or inconvenience. There is an active volunteer group in Boulder County. Be curious!

Jennifer Rodehaver, Boulder

Homeless people deserve respect and politeness

“You have no idea how much this means to me, bless your heart,” the homeless man said to me as I handed him the leftover pizza.

Making other people’s days makes me feel so good, and it is an easy thing to do living in an area where the population of homeless people is so high.

While students might not have the time or the funds seemingly to be of much help to the homeless, there are some things that can be done. I know how common it is for someone to not finish their entire meal and just throw it away. Instead, give your uneaten and untouched portions of meals to a homeless person and make their day.

Additionally, when first-year students have extra meal swipes or munch money, students can gather up snacks such as cheese sticks and granola bars to give away. Starvation is very common in homeless people, so giving up your extra food can help put an end to hunger.

I know almost everybody has clothes they never wear anymore. As an alternative to just letting those clothes sit in your closet, wash them and give them to homeless people. I know how much I love getting a new outfit, and I wouldn’t doubt homeless people love to get new clothes, too.

I believe one of the most significant things we can do is to acknowledge that the homeless are human, deserving respect and politeness. If you are just walking by a homeless person, give them a smile. More often than not, homeless people feel lonely, and just by smiling, you can give them a sense of comfort. We have the resources to make a difference, and we need to start using them.

Lilly Bernardis, Boulder

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