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  • "Revisionist History" by Gilman Mom

    "Revisionist History" by Gilman Mom

  • "Oranges b/w Daniels" by American Pleasure Club

    "Oranges b/w Daniels" by American Pleasure Club

  • "Your Dog" by Rose Droll

    "Your Dog" by Rose Droll



The end of the semester is right around the corner, and Radio 1190 is in the middle of its most hectic part of the year. Everybody is trying to keep their head above water, but we’re still playing fresh new tunes for you.

“Revisionist History” is, in one word, chill. Gilman Mom‘s newest album brings back memories of lounging in a tube while floating down a river under the hot Texas sun. Floating under the occasional shade of a tree sent shivers down my spine, but relief came as soon as I was back under the sun. Throughout most of the album, birds sing and crickets chirp behind mid-tempo beats while chill synths sedate the listener. Music like this is very popular nowadays (just search “lo-fi hip-hop beats” on YouTube), but Gilman Mom breaks out above the rest. Whether you’re getting work done (I’m listening as I write this article), or just taking a minute to relax, I would suggest making “Revisionist History” a part of the soundtrack of your life this week.

American Pleasure Club, formerly known as Teen Suicide, has released three drastically different albums, all well received, since they changed their name last December, and “Oranges b/w Daniels” continues to excite and please fans. They are a longtime favorite of mine and, in my opinion, the most diverse act in indie music right now. Ranging from doom metal to acoustic lullabies, front man Sam Ray has been a dominant indie rock figure for a majority of the 2010s with his projects Starry Cat, Julia Brown, Ricky Eat Acid and Teen Suicide/American Pleasure Club. “Oranges b/w Daniels” is a 7-inch single of two sweet and heartfelt songs. “Oranges” is a meandering love song, and “Daniels” is a about a pleasant day by the ocean. Both will help lift you up during this drowsy time of the year.

Rose Droll‘s debut album “Your Dog” is a collection of relaxed indie pop songs that blend together well, making it the perfect album to put on and let run all the way through while taking some time to rest. Some of my favorites are “Outside Looking In,” “Something of a Rabbit” and “Your Dog.” “Outside Looking In” starts out with heavily layered choral vocals and a catchy two-note guitar pattern that continues to groove through the whole song (similar to Lou Reed’s “Walk On the Wild Side”). “Something of a Rabbit” sways back and forth with a slow, dancing drum beat and an engaging lilt. Rose Droll’s vocals on this track are powerful yet intimate. “Your Dog,” the title track, has a clean beat and a catchy chorus that will keep you coming back for more.

I’m certainly adding all these to my list of great albums from this year. If 2019 has as many good releases as 2018, we’re all in for a treat.

Askari is a music director at Radio 1190. Read more reviews: