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The music library of Radio 1190 at the University of Colorado is rapidly growing.
The music library of Radio 1190 at the University of Colorado is rapidly growing.

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Fall 2018 was the best semester I’ve ever seen at Radio 1190. Our volunteer base has grown exponentially, and we have so much budding talent from our new DJs. Our collection is rapidly growing across many genres. We’re working to bring you the best local and independent music. This spring, we’re on track to have some of our highest-quality and most diverse programming yet. Our goal here at Radio 1190 is to give our listeners high-quality music that they won’t hear anywhere else. These shows are some of my favorites, but tuning in at any time of day won’t leave you disappointed.

Party With Me Punker!

Hosted by Bodhi DJ Bodhi

“Party With Me Punker!” is one of our most popular shows on 1190. Tune in from 5 to 6 Wednesday evenings to hear a comedic and informative show all about punk music. Bodhi isn’t afraid to sing along and invites his listeners to sing along with him. When I tune in, I’m laughing out loud and jamming out.

Slowcore Revival

Hosted by Jensen Keller

Taking some time to sit back and listen to slowcore, shoegaze and dream pop is a great way to relax after a long day of classes. From the spacey distortion of Duster to the lullabies of Mazzy Star, you’ve got it all. Some of my favorite bands of all time are highlighted frequently on this show, making it one of my essential 1190 listens.

12×33 Vinyl Obscurities

Hosted by Doug Gaddy

Gaddy, owner of Absolute Vinyl, has been a host on Radio 1190 for about eight years. Each week, he pulls from his extensive vinyl collection to share his knowledge about psych, funk and soul from the ’60s and ’70s. This show is not one to miss.

Neue Haus

Hosted by Owen Zoll

Owen Zoll is our resident electronic music expert at the station. His live DJ sets on Sunday nights are incredibly high quality and full of music that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Owen spends more time listening to new music and researching artists than anyone I know, and Neue Haus showcases this perfectly. I would highly recommend it as your soundtrack for a Sunday night drive.

Local Shakedown

Hosted by Jeff Josephs

Local Shakedown is the ultimate Radio 1190 experience. Starting at 4 p.m. Fridays, you get a full hour of local music, a live local band and an interview. Denver and Boulder musical acts don’t get the exposure they deserve, and there’s no better crash course on the music being made all around you than Local Shakedown. Veteran DJ Jeff Josephs is actively involved in our local scene, going to multiple shows a week at houses and DIY venues throughout the Denver/Boulder area. There’s no one at Radio 1190 more suited for the job.

Askari is a music director at Radio 1190. Read more reviews: