Larimer Lounge, at 2721 Larimer St., Denver, has a loaded lineup in the coming months. Catch Jerry Paper on March 27 and Boy Harsher on April 10.
Larimer Lounge, at 2721 Larimer St., Denver, has a loaded lineup in the coming months. Catch Jerry Paper on March 27 and Boy Harsher on April 10.

Over at Radio 1190, we know that the best way to spend the semester is seeing tons and tons of live music. If this sounds right to you, you’re in luck; there’s plenty of sweet local shows to be seen over the next few months. Here’s what I’m looking forward to most.

Mick Jenkins with Kari Faux

Today at Bluebird Theater

Tonight, Denver will be blessed by Mick Jenkins, an underground rapper out of Chicago making big waves in the rap scene. He’s often drawing comparisons to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad. On his latest album, “Pieces of Man,” he raps about consent and religion over meticulously crafted R&B beats. He’s touring with Kari Faux, a female R&B artist whose infectious beats and mellow, lyrical raps are simply mesmerizing. It would be a shame to miss this set as they pass through Denver because both acts are sure to be unforgettable.

Current Joys

Feb. 21 at Globe Hall

Next month, the indie rock band Current Joys will be playing at Globe Hall. The band’s frontman Nick Rattigan is always sure to deliver an emotional performance, and the band matches his energy, leading to a truly incredible experience. Current Joys is Rattigan’s solo project, where he explores personal issues and delivers each song with a powerful vocal performance. I saw the band last year and was blown away by the energy and feeling the band delivered throughout the set. Their set is raw and reflects the very reason why people come out in hoards to experience live music.

Soccer Mommy with Hovvdy

Feb. 24 at The Moxi Theater

An exciting lineup for lovers of indie rock, Soccer Mommy and Hovvdy will be playing at the Moxi Theater in Greeley. Soccer Mommy made big waves in the indie music scene 2018, landing at the top of most major end-of-the-year top album lists. Her music centers around her distorted guitar playing and honest vocals, and attracts fans of both rock and of quiet, vulnerable music. She’ll be playing with Hovvdy, another beautiful band that makes slow and emotional songs that will punch you in the gut with a feeling of nostalgia. This show is sure to be memorable and will possibly leave you teary-eyed.


March 8 at Globe Hall

The staple slowcore band Low released the album “Double Negative” late last year and are touring it throughout the spring. The record is brooding, experimental and nothing like anything they’ve put out before. They have been making music since the early ’90s, and it’s exciting to see that not only are they still putting out music, but they are continuing to innovate and push boundaries. “Double Negative” was easily in my top five albums of 2018, and I am looking forward to seeing how they construct and perform this off-kilter record in a live setting.

Jerry Paper

March 27 at Larimer Lounge

Jerry Paper is a favorite at Radio 1190, and he’s coming back into town this March. Paper is the king of groovy music, and his live set features a saxophonist and two keyboards, plus the classic guitar-bass-drums setup. He famously stands at the front of the stage and does a sort of interpretive dance while he sings all of his songs impeccably. His dancing paired with his tunes can make even the stiffest crowd member start to move. He released the record “Like a Baby” in October 2018, which was one of Radio 1190’s favorite records of the month. If you like to dance at a slightly slower BPM than usual, you’ll love this show.

Boy Harsher

April 10 at Larimer Lounge

Denver’s Larimer Lounge will temporarily turn into a goth club. The dark synth pop duo Boy Harsher is quintessential goth and is perfect for fans of New Order and The Cure. Their music has a distinct ’80s quality that is obnoxiously fun to dance to. They are set to release their newest album “Careful” on Feb. 1, and if it’s anything like their previous album, it’s bound to be a good one. I’ll be sure to have my Tripp pants and eyeliner ready in April for a dark night of dancing.

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