On Air Next: Great songs to kick off the semester
On Air Next: Great songs to kick off the semester

As we all get into the swing of the new semester, it’s time to find a way to transition from the holiday season back into the daily grind of going to classes. Luckily, at Radio 1190 we’ve got a bunch of great songs to help you ease into it all. Here’s a handful of songs we’ll be listening to all week.

“Playing Dumb” by Zach Phillips

This track is off Zach Phillips’ record “How to Slip Away,” which came out in 2017. The song is stripped down and played on acoustic guitar but was originally composed on piano, which makes it sound unlike most music performed on a guitar. “Playing Dumb” is jazzy and relaxing but with a heavy dose of experimentation. The song is sung by Kalmia Traver and features a gorgeous saxophone solo. It’s a great song to clear your head and begin your semester with a relaxed mindset.

“Heroes and Villains” by The Beach Boys

We’re bringing back this classic track to kick off classes this year. Off the record “Smiley Smile,” this record solidified The Beach Boys’ mastermind Brian Wilson as a genius. The song jumps between completely different sections seamlessly and showcases the impeccable harmony, composition and songwriting that make The Beach Boys timeless. A upbeat and fun song, “Heroes and Villains” will give you a nostalgic high like no other.

“Volcanic Winter” by J Fernandez

Off of J Fernandez’s record “Occasional Din,” “Volcanic Winter” fits this time of year perfectly. The title matches the song to a tee, which feels like a whirlwind that is subdued by mounds of snow. The lo-fi production of the song puts the listener at ease, and the artist’s tasteful use of polyrhythm and timing give it a perfect amount of edge.

“Witch Hunt” by HXXS

This psychedelic synth-pop track is bound to wake you up for your 8 a.m. Blending noise and classic pop elements, the song is both catchy and ear turning. The song draws you in with its off-kilter sounds and samples, and it keeps your attention as it continuously builds throughout the song. I just recently discovered HXXS, and I can’t imagine what they have in store for us.

“Flake” by Jameszoo

“Flake” was released on the “Brainfeeder X” compilation album, which consists of songs written by all of the members of Flying Lotus’ new record label. This track in particular is a real treat, although every track on the compilation is pretty remarkable. “Flake” is truly a symphony of synthesizers, composed with impeccable taste and brilliantly crafted textures. I could listen to this song on repeat and find something new to love with every listen. This inspiring song is integral to preparing you to push through your spring semester.

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