When I talk about my favorite thing to do on Thursday nights, most people scoff and say, “Yeah right. What do you really do?”

True story: I team up with like-minded folks to go on adventures, hike, socialize, steal, kill, rescue people and even run a bar. Wait, what? My buds and I do all this in a one of the rooms in the student center? Yep! How is that even possible?

Well, we use that little thing between our ears and the “Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook.” Or in the parlance of our times, we play the classic role-playing game known as D&D.

Why would we play this? The long answer is: We like to go on quests, develop our characters, be somebody besides ourselves and do something besides live our boring-ass lives. The short-and-easy answer is: It’s fun!

Who actually plays stuff like this? Mostly nerds, but honestly folks of all sorts. I started playing with a group of teachers, writers, voice actors and office workers. This was our chance to use our imaginations, tell terrible jokes, eat pizza and create a world. In this gang, only one out of six of us had ever played. Honestly, I figured we were going to play one time, make fun of the nerdiness of the game, waste the evening and then never take D&D seriously again. However, it quickly became the highlight of my month.

Unfortunately, I’ve moved on from my first group, but I found a new D&D clan. My current gang has been at it for a long time. However, I never played when I was younger because I was afraid. I didn’t need any more reasons to get bullied in junior high.

How did I know D&D be the thing for me? Well, I love telling and listening to stories of all sorts. Making adventures come to life makes life complete for me. I enjoy hanging out with my friends for unknown numbers of hours, eating pizza and drinking booze.

Getting together once a week, fortnight or month is great to boost my character’s ego, level, wallet and a few other things. But most of all, I think playing D&D is great because I’m having fun and socializing with actual human beings. This isn’t something I get to do on a regular basis, now that I’m an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job working in a dungeon. I mean! I work in an office.

I just wish I could be in a dungeon. Fighting dragons. Not typing. I’d be adventuring! Well, I can always join another group.

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