Rep. Joe Neguse leads on the Green New Deal

We should all applaud our newly sworn in Congressman, Rep. Joe Neguse, for his leadership in co-sponsoring the Green New Deal with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As the father of a 1-year-old, I was appalled that our president did not mention the climate crisis once during the State of the Union address. Frankly, it is a damning sign of the state of our union that the president so willfully puts his head in the sand as the realities of climate change become increasingly stark with every 100-year flood, fire and hurricane that devastates communities across our country. And while I love living in a community that is leading the fight on the climate crisis, I am all too aware that if I want my son to have a life without the destruction and chaos that will escalate if left unchecked, then it is imperative that our country quickly acts in order to build the renewable grid of the future and make fossil fuels an energy source of the past.

Wind, solar and (recently) storage are now the cheapest way to build new energy infrastructure. Boulder’s recent RFIP was just the latest example of this new economic reality. The city of Boulder has the option to acquire 100 percent renewable generation by 2030 for less money than staying with Xcel. There are no longer any economic or moral arguments against acting. Neguse is part of the new generation of representatives who understands this all too well, and we are lucky to have his leadership and vision representing our community.

Nick Kerwin, Boulder

Sen. Cory Gardner has to go

It is with a heavy heart I read the headlines from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: Sen. Cory Gardner is endorsing Trump for another four-year term as president.

How much can Colorado take of Gardner and his pro-Trump, right-wing, extremist policies? Gardner has sold out our state on the now-defeated health care bill; voted to allow baiting and denning of wolves and bears in Alaska in favor of pro-gun interests; refused to hold town halls; had disabled activists arrested for civil disobedience in the lobby of his office he later had relocated to a secure, inaccessible government building; taken over $3 million from big pharma and the NRA; been MIA when asked to account for it all; failed to end the recent furlough that has cost Coloradans millions in lost revenue for the money federal employees could not spend in local businesses; not to mention jeopardized the security of our country when hundreds of TSA employees could not afford to come to work on account of no pay.

We all know the track record of Sen. Gardner, a man who shows us time and again that he will sway with the wind of the wealthiest and the extremists while selling out the hard-working, middle-class, educated people of Colorado.

Gardner needs to go. This latest move of endorsing the worst president in the history of our nation makes a prima facie case that he is not for Colorado, nor will he ever be.

Denise Boehler, Nederland