I am a student at CSU and an intern for the climate action group Defend Our Future. As a young professional seeking to join the workforce, these are times of great uncertainty. My generation is uncertain about the careers we will enter and the families we will start, and we have to wonder if the world will be healthy enough to support those careers and families in the coming decades. This is not an exaggeration, and many young people feel real anxiety surrounding the future state of our planet if climate change is not addressed.

Last week, President Donald Trump spoke for an hour and 22 minutes in the State of the Union address and failed to mention climate change even once. Almost every president dating back to the elder George Bush has acknowledged the need to act on climate issues and the threat it represents to the United States and the world. In the past year, we have witnessed unprecedented weather events and two comprehensive reports regarding the urgency of acting on climate change. Last week, President Trump squandered an opportunity to unite an uncertain generation that clamors for action.

This is an issue that dwarfs the threats expounded on by the current administration. Climate change is the real national emergency. We need stronger leadership from the White House, but instead, this administration continues to ignore the threat. That’s why we need our Sens. Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet, and our new Congress, to demand action on climate change.

Braden Carey, Fort Collins