• "Another Music in a Different Kitchen" by Buzzcocks

  • "Next to Me" by Lily & Horn Horse

  • "Open Sea" by Naneum

  • "Never Give Up" by Abjects



Two months ago, Pete Shelley, the lead singer of the infamous British punk band Buzzcocks, passed away at the age of 63. Marking 40 years after their initial release, Buzzcocks just reissued their first two albums, “Love Bites” and “Another Music in a Different Kitchen.” These records solidified their classic punk rock sound and led them to be known as masters of three-minute mini-masterpieces. The tracks are biting and nostalgic and are still just as exciting as they were right after their release in 1978. There’s no denying their influence on the history of punk rock with songs like “Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve),” which has made a permanent mark on punk music. Whether you’re hearing them for the first time or revisiting, it is thrilling to bring this influential band back into the spotlight and appreciate the impact they made on punk music as it grew and changed.

This week, we’re spinning Lily and Horn Horse‘s record “Next to Me” heavily. Lily and Horn Horse is a project consisting of Lily Konigsberg of the band Palberta and Matt Norman. This genius duo out of New York claims their music is the intersection of Britney Spears and Bill Callahan. The music doesn’t fit tightly in any specific genre but combines elements of pop, lo-fi, ambient and electronic music to create its own specific niche. The textures are infectious, and the pop-influenced vocal melodies are riveting. You’ll hear keys, guitar, analog and acoustic drums, distorted synths and grooving bass lines at some point or another while listening to this album. It’s inspiring to find individuals who are pushing the limits of genre and sound to create something unique.

The artist Naneum just released a gorgeous ambient album called “Open Sea.” The 38-minute record feels like a sort of musical meditation. The tracks sound like the title of the album and are filled with rising and falling arpeggios over simple piano chords. Strings fade in and out, helping the music ebb and flow as you listen. It’s a great album to get away from your thoughts and feelings and help you dive into an ocean of sound and textures.

Abjects, an all-female band comprised of members from Spain, Japan and Italy, just put out the record “Never Give Up.” They currently reside in London and make freaky punk music. Abjects are influenced by surf-rock, punk and art-rock but maintain their own distinct sound. The guitarist’s thick, fuzzy tone is unmistakable, and she rips solos under her monotone but energetic vocals. Abjects fully understand the art of a making a punk song and exercise it on every track on the record. Fast paced and catchy, this record isn’t one to miss.

Koett is a music director at Radio 1190. Read more reviews: coloradodaily.com/columnists