Like a meandering stream, we’ve wandered this way and that through the land of tube audio in recent weeks. We’ve touched on a bunch of points, but we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what people are doing with tubes.

When I began learning about the “high end” of audio, I was still using a dial-up modem and AOL to find information. Back then, when I searched for the answers to my questions, I found very little in terms of expertise and instead found a lot of random chatter on forums.

And then I found Decware. Steve Deckert, founder of the high-end audio company Decware, is one of those masters of his craft who has no qualms about sharing his knowledge and wisdom online, for free.

An avid DIY guy, he still shares the blueprints to several of his early designs of speakers and subwoofers. But best of all, he took the time to publish his design thoughts, epiphanies and learned lessons in a series of “white papers” that are available to read at

If you’re digging on the topic of tubes in audio, I can’t recommend his site enough.

Goodbye, KK

I was devastated to hear the news this week of the passing of a great man in the Colorado Daily and Daily Camera family. Kevin Kaufman was the longtime executive editor of the Camera, and the catalyst to making the Colorado Daily’s former recording studio project called Second Story Garage a reality.

I was part of a small crew Kevin assembled to a create a “live session” recording series in 2012 that eventually competed with some of the best outfits at the time, like KEXP and NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

Kevin’s heart for serving others and facilitating beautiful creative work was never more on display than when it came to this video project of ours. I recall how he started the thing in secret, how he wisely chopped my proposed budget in half and then how we spread it out across several company cards so we wouldn’t alert the finance department. Remember how newspapers have no money and are struggling? Yeah, well, we did it anyway.

Three and a half years later, Kevin’s wife’s drum set had been played on by Grammy winners and rock stars, and we had over 500 videos published. That only happened because of the countless times Kevin stepped in to fix a problem, construct a studio or protect his employees.

I owe Kevin for the jump-start to my career in music, but I’m most thankful for the first thing he did, which was to believe in me. I know I’m far from alone in that sentiment.

R.I.P., Kevin. We’re really going to miss you.

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