• Nicollette Laroco

  • Suzanne Mapatano

  • Zeena Nisar

  • Chayla Rowley

  • Valeria Serrano

  • Natalie Sharp

  • Serene Singh

  • Isabel Villilon

  • Jessica Yan



Nine University of Colorado Boulder students received Fulbright awards this year, according to a news release from the university. Five students also received alternate status.

CU Boulder submitted 27 applications this year and 16 students were semifinalists.

“These students represent the tremendous depth and breadth of talent at our university, and it’s been an honor and pleasure to work with each of them,” said Deborah Viles, director of the Office of Top Scholarships, in the news release.

Winners of the award include: Nicollette Laroco, Suzanne Mapatano, Zeena Nisar, Chayla Rowley, Valeria Serrano, Natalie Sharp, Serene Singh, Isabel Villilon and Jessica Yan.

The Fulbright Program, considered one of the most prestigious awards in the world, is one of several United States Cultural Exchange Programs that aim to improve cultural diplomacy and intercultural relations. Those who win awards go on to study, research and teach abroad, among other things, in more than 160 countries around the world.

Recipients are selected based on their professional or academic achievements, as well as their leadership potential. More than 2,100 U.S. citizens will participate in the program in the coming academic year.

The program is funded primarily through an annual congressional appropriation to the U.S. Department of State and its Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Host institutions in other countries and the United States and sponsoring governments abroad also provide direct and indirect support, according to the news release.

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