CU Boulder announces Conference on World Affairs 2020 dates

The annual event will coincide with Passover, Good Friday holidays

The flags for the University of Colorado Boulder”s World Affairs Conference leading to Macky Auditorium.

The University of Colorado Boulder has announced the dates for next year’s Conference on World Affairs.

The conference is scheduled April 6-10, 2020, two weeks after spring break, which is its traditional timing. This is a return to a Monday through Friday schedule, which is necessary due to venue availability.

These dates interfere with two holidays, but the Conference on World Affairs board said it was not possible to change the dates due to a lack of availability of campus venues. Passover begins on April 8 and Good Friday is April 10.

“The CWA recognizes the importance of Passover and Good Friday for its Jewish and Christian speakers, volunteers, and attendees, and acknowledges that this may make it difficult or impossible for some to attend next year’s event,” the board wrote in an emailed announcement. “In light of this overlap, CWA is committed to providing opportunities for 2020 speakers to celebrate the holidays during the event, and the CWA Board is exploring incorporating a CWA theme focused on Religion in American Life at CWA 2020.”

The same conflict will occur in 2022, and the board said it has “already begun investigating solutions.”

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