Mountain Sun now carries the Beyond Burger. Cosmo’s Pizza finally has a vegan cheese. Sweet Cow carry dairy free options, Best One Yet is all plant based or if you prefer try Nicecream Sammies at Lolita’s, the best ice cream sandwiches you will ever try. Tiffin’s Indian food is clearly labeled vegan, the masala dosa and vegan korma are amazing and now they even have roti with garlic. Whole Sol just opened on Pearl Street. Jill’s at the St Julien has a vegan lunch buffet on Fridays with a glass of wine for only $15. We all know Native Foods is tasty plant-based junk food to the max and Thrive provides healthy raw vegan food. Pizza Rev has vegan cheese and sausage. Leaf has the best brunch and upscale vegan food in town. Aloy Thai has organic food and lots of vegan options. Fresh Thymes has a vegan mac & cheese. Organic Sandwich Company has roasted beet sandwich with almond feta and a spicy giardiniera sandwich. Roxie’s tacos has vegan tacos. Half Fast Subs has tempeh subs. All Mexican food can have rice/beans/guacamole/tomatoes/greens in a burrito. I could easily go on but my words are limited to 300.

Boulder, you’re running out of excuses on why we need to keep eating animals. Study after study comes out on how animal agriculture is contributing to climate change, species extinction, ocean dead zones, and water pollution, not to mention the animal suffering, and yet we continue to consume animals every day. Try one of the options I listed above. There’s plenty more I missed. Shout out to the local businesses making change, and to the businesses who don’t have vegan options, what are you waiting for?

Joshua Smith, Boulder