A runner passes a group of goats eating knapweed at Boulder Reservoir in 2010. Boulder is holding a Meet and Bleat with its current herd of weed-eating goats on Thursday evening.

Boulder and Mutton Mowers LLC are set to host a “Meet and Bleat” Thursday with a herd of goats that munches on invasive and noxious weeds. The event is scheduled for 5 to 7 p.m.

The goats aid in the city’s weed control efforts, and on Thursday they’ll be working their way through a southeastern section of Tantra Park, near Ludlow Street and Chambers Drive.

This year, up to 30 goats in a variety of breeds will participate. In previous years, the goats have eaten weeds at Boulder Reservoir and other parks and natural areas, and the program has been ongoing since 2001.

A few of the friendlier goats — namely Bubbles, Coco Puff, Mo and Winter — will be available for petting on Thursday. City staff recommended that people leave their dogs at home or, if they bring them, keep them on a leash while the goats and their guard llama are present.

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