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Australian rapper and DJ Nelson Dialect will perform Thursday at Hip-Hop on the Rooftop at the Museum of Boulder.
Australian rapper and DJ Nelson Dialect will perform Thursday at Hip-Hop on the Rooftop at the Museum of Boulder.

A new scene is coming to Boulder, and it’s all about hip-hop music.

On Thursday, the University of Colorado Boulder’s Laboratory for Race & Popular Culture (RAP Lab), along with CU’s Department of Theater and Dance, will be putting on Hip-hop on the Rooftop hosted by the Museum of Boulder.

The message behind the event is to connect the ideas of race and popular culture researched by select students and faculty at CU Boulder. The RAP Lab is founded and directed by Adam Bradley, who said he has a passion for the research of race and popular culture.

“For me it’s a lifeline, personally, it’s a lifeline to a community of folks who share a commitment to have these difficult discussions of race through the means of popular art forms that cuts across my colleagues, my students, all the way to members of the community of Boulder and beyond,” said Bradley, who coordinated the Hip-hop on the Rooftop event.

The RAP Lab researches a variety of subjects within popular culture and race, which has lead to it building relationships with many communities such as local K-12 schools along with inmates and guards at a prison in Ordway.

CU’s Department of Theater and Dance also is part of the team thanks to Ondine Geary. Geary is a Master of Fine Arts graduate and a key person in the launching of CU’s new Hip-Hop Studies certificate.

“I’ve been really involved in helping get that off the ground and have been looking for ways to try and create space for the hip-hop community to come together,” Geary said.

On Thursday, guests can hang out on the Museum of Boulder rooftop and enjoy hip-hop music along with a drink. Attendees will hear Australian rapper and DJ Nelson Dialect. He is expected to spin some hip-hop tracks including A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, and possibly perform for the crowd himself.

Bradley said DJ Dialect “knows the elements of hip-hop: “He’s a young artist who is steeped in the history of culture and is a testament to how far hip-hop has traveled since its birth in the south Bronx.”

Geary said she hopes Hip-Hop on the Rooftop creates a space for those who are Hip-hop enthusiasts, along with Hip-hop curious, where they can have a great time and grow the Hip-hop community.

“We certainly hope that if our event is a success, it’ll be the first of more to come,” Bradley said. “Occasions to gather together, one nation under a groove.”

If you go

What: Hip-Hop on the Rooftop

When: 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday (Doors open at 6:45 p.m.)

Where: Museum of Boulder, 2205 Broadway

Admission: $15

More info:

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