Boulder City Council candidates for 2019 include Aaron Brockett, top row from left; Andy Celani; Paul Cure; Brian Dolan; Benita Duran; middle row from left; Rachel Friend,Junie Joseph; Corina Julca; Nikki McCord; Mark McIntyre; bottom row from left; Gala Orba, Susan Peterson; Adam Swetlik; Mark Wallach and Bob Yates.

The Camera spoke with the 15 candidates seeking the six open seats on Boulder City Council to learn more about their goals and visions for the city. Read them all here:

Aaron Brockett

Andy Celani

Paul Cure

Brian Dolan

Benita Duran

Rachel Friend

Junie Joseph

Corina Julca

Nikki McCord

Mark McIntyre

Gala Orba

Susan Peterson

Adam Swetlik

Mark Wallach

Bob Yates

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