I wasn’t ready for that snowstorm, even though we knew about it for a week and had tons of warning. And even though the first snow was late this year, and it’s going to be nice again in the next few days anyway.


I’m even a big fan of winter — I really love it. But I’m just not ready yet, because I don’t like change. I was really getting used to these nice Colorado days with no wind or thunderstorms or hail. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises and all. If you’ve got something good going, why mess with it?

Unfortunately for me, and maybe even some of you, change is as essential and centric and pervasive in life as anything else. Seasons change, but so also do moods, friendships, goals, thoughts and clothes. Almost nothing stays the same in this life, so I better deal with it and quit complaining about it, huh?!

Okay, fine. Once I accept a change, like anyone else I can start to move on. I’ve dusted off the long johns, and found the other sock for more than half of my winter pairs. Success. This week we’re looking at some of the benefits of the change in season when it comes to listening habits and time spent with our various music listening systems.

At the outset, it makes sense that we’ll be spending more time indoors in the coming months than in previous months. Time logged on the couch watching movies will take a sharp upward trajectory. New music will get the attention it deserves — and we can catch up on what we missed over the summer.

Our entertainment systems will become more of a focal point for many of us, and that gifty holiday season is also coming up. So maybe it’s time to think about an upgrade to the rig that will spice up the winter season in your home.

For example, if you don’t currently have a subwoofer, maybe consider adding one. Don’t think about subwoofers as filling the space and your eardrums with more bass than you or your neighbors want to handle. Subwoofers should be barely there, gently and specifically used to fill in only the bottom bit that’s left off from the rest of your speakers, and only at a volume that is commensurate with the rest of the sound.

My subs — yes, I’m a big believer in having at least two — are barely turned on at all. Knock on wood, but my neighbor has never complained about the bass, and I’ve never enjoyed sound from TV, movies or music more than with the bass machines in place.

Here’s another tweak for the new season. Every connection made with a wire or cable on any of our media systems is made with two pieces of metal. The fact is, these two metals are almost never exactly the same material, and over time that difference promotes oxidation.

Revive your equipment and set your winter up for good sound by unplugging and re-plugging every wire, one by one. This will scrape off that oxidation and promote a more solid electrical connection, so you can get back to Netflix with the confidence that your home audio system will be at its best, and — fingers crossed — will never change. Until you want it to.

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