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Boulder businesses with sales tax licenses will have to renew them with the city every two years.

City Council on Tuesday approved the implementation of new software for businesses to use in remitting sales taxes to Boulder, and with it, a new requirement for businesses to renew their city licenses on every odd-numbered year beginning in 2021.

Previously, once issued, city business licenses did not require renewal.

Boulder as of June had more than 13,000 business licenses, but more than 1,000 of them had not filed a tax return with the city in more than six months, according to a city memo.

“This granting of ‘evergreen’ licenses results in a large number of stale, outdated sales and use tax accounts that require significant staff time to research, track and contact the business owners when businesses fail to file required returns and/or closure notices to determine whether the business is active but delinquent in payment of taxes, or no longer in business,” the memo stated.

The new system should remedy the issue, officials said.