David Bland

Editor’s note: A statement from Guardian Storage said David Bland is not a tenant of the storage facility. 

A man deemed to be a “sexually violent predator” will be moving into a storage unit off Broadway, according to police.

David Bland, 46, was staying at the Boulder County Jail until his release on Nov. 20.

On Monday, Bland notified police he would be staying in a storage unit at Guardian Storage, 4900 Broadway, according to a news release, which added that police will conduct extra patrol in this area.

Officials at Guardian Storage, however, say Bland is not a tenant of the storage company.

“David Bland is not a tenant at any Guardian Storage location,” said Kevin Cohen, development partner of the Western Region for Guardian Storage. “Furthermore, living in a storage unit not only violates the terms of the lease between Guardian Storage and its tenant, it is also a violation of city health, safety and sanitation laws. Any tenant found to be inhabiting their storage unit would have their lease with Guardian Storage terminated immediately.”

In an email Monday night, Boulder Police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh said “Nothing that we have released to the community indicates that David Bland is a tenant at a Guardian storage unit. He did indicate that he was staying in one and gave us a unit number. When a sex offender that is also a transient registers, we legally have to accept the location that they give us as long as it is not in violation of a parole or probation requirement. David Bland is not on parole or probation. We have a duty to make timely notifications to our community.”

Because Bland is considered to be a sexually violent predator by the courts and a high risk to reoffend, law enforcement is required to notify the community about his address change.

According to Boulder Police, Bland originally registered with the Boulder Police Department as a sexually violent predator in August 2017.

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