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Let me start by saying that I’ve got a serious relationship with “Star Wars” is an understatement.

Casey Freeman - Colorado Daily - Popular to Contrary OpinionSome of my first memories are of watching our VHS of “Episode IV: A New Hope” we taped off TV. I watched it so many times I’d memorized the lines of the commercials. I thought little actors lived inside the TV and wondered if they ever got tired of doing the same movie every day.

The other two movies of the original trilogy came out and I loved the action, the spaceships, the weird aliens, the smartassed characters, the martial arts, the fascinating scenery and witty dialogue. Also, at that age I could watch C-3P0 and R2-D2 and Chewie do just about anything.

But in middle school and high school “Star Wars” no longer became “cool,” but something for nerds and dorks, so I shut up about it, but still had a few video games and toys to play with. As I aged, I cared a lot less about people’s opinions and kept my fascination with “Star Wars,” decorating my body with a few “Star Wars” tattoos and keeping my closet full of T-shirts.

Then, it seemed like all of a sudden “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” came out. No longer were science fiction movies “lame.” However, after watching, some fans pissed and moaned about how much they hated it and later how much they hated the others, and while I agree there’s a lot of stupidity in “Episodes I, II, III, VII, VIII” as well as “Solo” and “Rogue One,” there’s still some entertaining stuff in them.

When somebody said Disney was making a movie about a Mandalorian I flipped out. While the most famous Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett gets about one minute of screen time in all of the movies, he’s been a character dedicated nerds would kill to know more about.

With all of this in my head, I didn’t even know if I wanted to watch the previews and risk spoiling everything. But I couldn’t handle it, cracked and watched the trailer. About 15 seconds after I finished it I caught my breath and started it up again.

I’m happy to say after just a few episodes, the show hasn’t disappointed (me, at least). It answers a few questions about the general “Star Wars” universe, but makes you want to ask another 700. While so much of the show is mysterious, however, the mystery isn’t mixed up with stupidity. As in, there are no midochlorians or overexplaining things nobody really wanted explained in the first place, like — ahem — the Force.

I already think this main character is way more interesting than Boba Fett, who made me consider becoming a bounty hunter.

“The Mandalorian” shows interesting science fiction characters getting into all types of badass fights with laserguns, fists, hungry monsters and spaceships. I guarantee half the people who have seen it want to talk to somebody but are worried about spoiling stuff. The settings are dirty and grimy, without any boring talk in the Senate.

Being a lifelong “Star Wars” fan, I’m enjoying every bit and piece of “The Mandalorian” and I highly suggest you check this out before the entire thing is spoiled.

I have spoken.

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