Broomfield City Council candidates Jean Lim, right, and Laurie Anderson prepare a toast after seeing the second round of election results during a Broomfield Democrats watch party at Old Chicago on Election Day in Broomfield. (Photo: Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

Fundraising significantly slowed down in the third round of campaign finance reports for most candidates that ran for Broomfield City Council.

The third and likely final reports were due Dec. 5 for contributions and expenditures between Oct. 28 and Nov. 30. In total the 14 candidates raised about $17,700 in this round and more than $266,600 in the entire election season.

Mayoral candidates Kevin Kreeger and Patrick Quinn, who won the race, raised the most bringing in $77,314 and $56,145 respectively. Other major fundraisers included now Ward 4 Councilwoman Laurie Anderson ($21,533) and now Ward 5 Councilwoman Heidi Henkel ($20,067).

This year several political action committees are registered in Broomfield, including Broomfield Citizen’s Coalition, which was started to support Quinn, Ward 3 candidate Kevin Jacobs, Ward 2 candidate Brent Hultman and Ward 4 candidate Emily Crouse-Joo. Katie Kennedy with Strategic Compliance LLC is listed as the agent.

Quinn was the only candidate to win in those races.

The coalition raised $86,000 by a single contribution from Coloradans for Fiscal Responsibility, a statewide independent expenditure committee with a goal to “support pro-business and taxpayer advocates, regardless of party affiliation, running for state office.”

The entire $86,000 was spent in support of the above-listed candidates, including sets of mailers, door hangers and canvassing.

In the second round of reports, Citizens for Broomfield, a second PAC started by Ben Vagher, reported $415 as “funds on hand at the beginning of the reporting period,” which was Nov. 1, 2018. In the third round of campaign finance reporting, the PAC raised $1,600 – an amount raised by fairly equal donations from Ben Vagher, Catherine Vagher and Vincent Pallone.

Funds were spent on media messaging.

The Sierra Club Broomfield, a PAC started Oct. 10 by Jim Alexee to support “pro-conservation candidates,” raised $500 season and spent that amount on volunteer phone calls and texting, according to filings.

Totals raised

Ward 1

Councilman Stan Jezierski – $11,205

Kim Tavendale – $2,914

Ward 2

Councilman William Lindstedt – $17,826

Brent Hultman – $4,216

Ward 3

Councilwoman Jean Lim – $11,980

Christopher Cleary -$4,520

Kevin Jacobs – $1,525

Ward 4

Councilwoman Laurie Anderson – $21,533

Emily Crouse-Joo – $10,985

Ward 5

Councilwoman Heidi Henkel – $20,067

David Beacom – $13,220

Mayoral candidates

Mayor Patrick Quinn – $56,145

Kevin Kreeger – $77,314

Kimberly Groom, who maintained her seat at Ward 4 – $13,218

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