Sophomore Stef Fleckenstein and senior Mikaela Tommy finished 2-3 in the women’s slalom race, sophomore Filip Forejtek took fourth in the men’s race and the Colorado Ski Team finished third in the Utah Invitational here Saturday at Park City Moutain Resort.

Fleckenstein and Tommy continue their dominant 2020 season, as both have finished seven of eight races and neither has finished lower than fifth. Fleckenstein hit the podium for the fourth time and Tommy for the seventh. Forejtek, meanwhile, continued his solid weekend, his fourth-place finish a career-best in slalom, his first top-five and top 10 finish in the discipline.

The Buffs scored 89 points in the women’s race and 65 in the men’s race to finish the Utah Invitational with 584.5 points. The Buffs finished behind host Utah (743) and Denver (599.5) and head of Alaska Anchorage (523) and Montana State (433).

Freshman Emma Hammergaard was the third team scorer on the women’s side, finishing in 15th place while sophomore Olivia Gerrard (20th), senior Andrea Arnold (24th) and sophomore Kaitlyn Harsch (27th) all finished the race.

On the men’s side, sophomore Max Bervy (15th) and sophomore Alex Birkner (17th) both scored for the team while sophomore Teddy Takki (24th) also finished. Joey Young, who hiked on the first run, didn’t start the second and Bobby Run didn’t finish the second run.

The action continues Monday with a second set of slalom races, this time RMISA Qualifiers that don’t count toward team scoring but do count toward NCAA Qualification and postseason individual accolades.

TEAM STANDINGS (FINAL): 1. Utah 742; 2. Denver 599.5; 3. Colorado 584.5; 4. Alaska Anchorage 523; 5. Montana State 433; 6. Westminster 233; 7. Alaska Fairbanks 195; 8. Colorado Mountain 137; 9. Wyoming 132.

WOMEN’S SLALOM (27 collegiate finishers)—1. Amelia Smart, DU, 1:48.92; 2. Stef Fleckenstein, CU, 1:51.00; 3. Mikaela Tommy, CU, 1:51.73; 4. Storm Klomhaus, DU, 1:51.79; 5. Kathryn Parker, UU, 1:52.54; 6. Andrea Komsic, 1:52.87; 7. Julia Toivanien, WMC, 1:53.33; 8. Sona Moravcikova, UU, 1:53.44; 9. Katie Hensein, DU, 1:53.41; 10. Kaitlyn Vesterstein, UU, 1:53.60. Other CU Finishers: 15. Emma Hammergaard, 1:55.30; 20. Olivia Gerrard, 2:01.92; 24. Andrea Arnold, 2:05.37; 27. Kaitlyn Harsch, 2:08.35.

MEN’S SLALOM (24 collegiate finishers)—1. Joachim Lein, UU, 1:54.83; 2. Louis Muhlen-Schulte, MSU, 1:55.79; 3. Colby Lane, DU, 1:56.00; 4. Filip Forejtek, CU, 1:56.15; 5. Mikkel Wahl, WMC, 1:56.51; 6. Simon Fournier, DU, 1:56.57; 7. Gustav Voello, UU, 1:57.00; 8. Mikkel Solbakken, WMC, 1:57.09; 9. Tobias Kogler, DU, 1:57.21; 10. Olav Sanderberg, UAA, 1:57.88. Other CU Finishers: 15. Max Bervy, 1:59.50; 17. Alex Birkner, 2:00.22; 24. Teddy Takki, 2:36.62. Did Not Start Second Run: Joey Young. Did Not Finish Second Run: Bobby Ryan.

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