Front Range Community College is seeking donations for students who need immediate help with food, housing or utility costs, particularly in light of a wave of layoffs caused by business closures and slow-downs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The college’s High Needs Fund supports students “who may be experiencing an unexpected and critical financial hardship” and also stocks food pantries at three campuses.

“During these unprecedented times we must rise to face this new challenge together. While many of us will be able to stand on our own, there are many others who need us to stand with them,” the college said in a statement. “Front Range Community College has a large group of students who come from a low socio-economic household and they are our most vulnerable.”

The college expects an increase in students who need assistance.

“Let’s keep students in class by ensuring their critical needs are met. If you have the ability, you can help our students rise against these winds,” the college said in a statement.

Donations can be made at