Paul Alter: Safer at Home: It’s OK to go outside

Shame on Chuck Wibby for his intentional misinterpretation of Colorado’s stay-at-home order in his commentary on May 21. He says Stay at Home and Safer at Home require “us to not be outside.” This forms the basis of his straw man argument against Polis’ supposed power grabs.

But neither order requires us not to be outside. The Stay at Home order says, as a necessary activity, the following is permitted: “Engaging in outdoor activity, such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, biking or running. For purposes of outdoor activity, state parks will remain open to the public who live in the vicinity to engage in walking, hiking, biking, running, and similar outdoor activities but all playgrounds, picnic areas, other similar areas conducive to public gathering, and attended areas shall be closed.”

In almost all of Polis’ press conferences he encouraged people to get outside. Just do so safely, including with social distancing and with face coverings. If, somehow, Wibby was unaware of the text of the orders, or the numerous press conferences, maybe he could have read any one of the dozens of articles the Camera has published over the past weeks. There’s an idea: Chuck could read the newspaper he publishes in.

And no one of any serious knowledge is doubting the efficacy of isolation in a pandemic. It’s one of the few things every real expert actually agrees on.

So to summarize: The world is not flat. We went to the moon. Climate change is real and is caused by man. Vaccines work. Self-isolating in a pandemic slows the spread of a disease. Polis never told you not to go outside. Oh, and as a reminder from your previous piece — yes, masks do work.

Paul AlterBoulder

Louise Oncley: Election: Cover online campaign events

The Camera usually covers campaign events, which are normally held in person.

Now that they are online, it is even more important to cover them, because they are less publicly visible.

Primary ballots will be mailed in less than three weeks. People need to know what candidates are saying.

Please report on these events.Louise OncleyBoulder

Marc Theodore: Graduation: Make parades a new tradition

I’ll make this short and sweet: Graduation parades are awesome!

My daughter, Kathryn, a Fairview senior, and I joined the parade with the rest of her senior class and had a blast. Several of her friends commented on how fun it was and why haven’t this been done before now. I also heard from so many parents how this was more enjoyable and creative than the traditional commencement.

Maybe it is time to modify tradition? There has been a lot that has changed due to the evolution of our society, why not consider modifying the graduation ceremony? Just saying, something to think about.

Congratulations, Class of 2020.

You are now part of history.

Marc Theodore



Robert Nielsen: CU regents: Stop lawsuit; release applicants’ names

The CU regents need to face reality over their refusal to release other applicants’ names in their recent search for CU president. In this time of fiscal issues, the money spent on this suit is more needed elsewhere. The reality of not releasing these names should by now be quite evident to whomever is making the decision to pursue this, as a big mistake. Out in the real world, the names are not a secret anymore.

As a former applicant for several high-level municipal jobs over my long career, I can tell you that there is no secrecy of these names both internally at CU and at the applicants’ current jobs. Other entities rightfully released finalists’ names with no apparent fallout.

Maybe the applicants faced a little embarrassment at their current employ over the release of their names, but this is an expected part of applying. Internal “grapevines” in both ends always know the names, as well as the local union, if there is one. Unions always do background checks on their future boss, as part of their duty to their members. Surely the names of these finalists were known beyond the search committee.

Lastly, this job search is long over, and probably, the other applicants have been successful in their job searches, so releasing their names should pose no issues to them. Obviously their new employer is well aware that he or she was out there looking when they were hired.

Yes, it may be a touchy issue at the time, but by now, move on and give the Camera the names. The Camera is a local newspaper, so the names will not be a national story, as the suit will be.

It is surely costing thousands to pursue this, so be fiscally prudent and stop it now.

Robert Nielsen



Lisa Hoxie: Social distancing: Thanks for wearing masks

A word of thanks to Boulder County officials for heeding the recommendations of Gov. Polis and requiring masks in public places.

live in Weld County, and our officials have made the decision not to require masks in public places. As a result, my family is choosing to spend our money in your county.

There has been much discussion as to whether the masks protect people from the virus. Like our governor, I choose to believe they do protect us, and I feel unsafe going to public places when people aren’t wearing them.

We should do everything we possibly can to protect the lives of our most-vulnerable citizens, and to slow the spread of COVID-19, and this includes wearing masks.

Thank you, Boulder County.

Lisa Hoxie


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