From left, Miguel Oliveira, Miria Pilotte and Paul Pilotte with their dog, Charlie, hang out at Boulder’s Eben G. Fine Park on Memorial Day. In the back is their friend, Gabe D’amico, with his dog, Kali. (Amy Bounds/Daily Camera staff)

Boulder County residents appeared to be on their best social distancing behavior, at least in public, for Memorial Day.

Parking violations at busy trailheads were the biggest issue, according to authorities.

“We only had one complaint about social distancing all day,” Boulder Police Sgt. Robin Holdstock said late Monday afternoon. “Compared with what it’s been like lately, that is a marked decrease. It’s been a good day.”

Boulder, which usually sees huge crowds on Memorial Day between the Bolder Boulder 10K road race and the Boulder Creek Festival, was much quieter this year. Rocky Mountain National Park also remained closed, with a phased reopening set for Wednesday.

Options for outdoor recreation were largely limited to hiking or biking the area’s many trails, though limited parking plus crowds likely made that more challenging than usual.

Those driving in to hike at Chautauqua had to fight for a parking space and trails were crowded, though the large lawn offered opportunities for socially distanced picnics.

Outside Boulder, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office had extra patrols at the trailheads and received some parking complaints, including along Flagstaff Road, said Sgt. Andy Smith. What he didn’t hear, he said, were complaints about public health order violations.

“People have been behaving themselves,” he said.

One popular option, hanging out along Boulder Creek near Eben G. Fine Park, had been removed last week. Partying crowds in the area prompted authorities to impose a closure of all park land and the creek bed north of the Boulder Creek Path from the eastern boundary of the park to the western edge of the city.

Instead, people on Monday walked and biked along the paths and set up picnics on the grass at the park (picnic tables remain off limits).

Gabe D’amico, of Denver, went biking at Boulder County’s Betasso Preserve with friends in the morning, then they met up for a picnic lunch at Eben G. Fine Park with their dogs, a golden retriever named Charlie and a French bulldog named Kali.

“I’m surprised it’s not busier here,” he said.

One of his friends, Miria Pilotte, added that their Memorial Day plans weren’t greatly altered by the coronavirus restrictions.

“We tried not to make it so different,” she said.

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