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A 110-year-old Cottage that once sat on the Circle Motel property, was moved on July 21, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Seth White)
A 110-year-old Cottage that once sat on the Circle Motel property, was moved on July 21, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Seth White)

A Lafayette resident worked with the city to save a 110-year-old home that once sat at the Circle Motel.

Seth White, a long-time resident of Lafayette, has been working to relocate the home with the intent of restoring it.

“Four years ago, I started thinking about wanting to build a little cottage in my backyard,” White said. “So the options were to build something new, or move something old. So I started to think about that.”

He was serving on the Lafayette Historic Preservation Board at the time and heard about the former owner of the Circle Motel, who wanted a demolition permit to demolish everything.

“We had a hearing and he ultimately got his permit to demolish everything,” White said. “I had noticed the little cottage on the property and said, ‘if this thing is going to go away, and be demolished, this would fit perfectly in my backyard.’”

He said when everything was complete, regarding the hearings, he approached the owner but it didn’t work out.

A new owner purchased the site, however, and White was able to strike a deal for the property.

“I’m invested in the history of Lafayette,” White said. “This is where I want to live. I think it’s fascinating and I want to save a little piece of the history of this town.”

A 110-year-old Cottage that once sat on the Circle Motel property, was moved on July 21, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Nander Wever)

Last week White was able to transfer the cottage from its previous home on West Baseline Road to East Chester Street.

“There were people lining the street, following as the building was moving,” White said. “It was one of those, feel good community things. It was really cool to be a part of it. To see everyone come out and see everyone smiling and talking about it, sharing memories.”

He said there were conversations over the last several years about the site, White said, and he noticed people said they didn’t care about the property, but seeing everyone show up during the move proved otherwise.

Interim Planning and Building Director Jana Easley said the cottage was built originally in 1930.

“While the Circle Motel property is not historically designated, the developer who is redeveloping the old Circle Motel site, Matt Gotschall, graciously offered one of the cottages to be relocated and a local resident will re-use it as an accessory dwelling,” Easley said in an email.

White said he will need to get the cottage up to code, but he hopes to turn it into a liveable space and keep the city’s history going.

“This is an example of what you can do if you care, if you put your mind to it,” White said. “A lot of things are possible.”

The Circle Motel is set to become a six building mixed-use development with residential units, a live/work building and a commercial building.

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