Longmont City Council members were wrestling late Tuesday night with issues stemming from people living out of recreational vehicles, campers and other “sleeper” vehicles that have been parked on city streets, in alleys, and on other public property.

One approach, suggested by city staff before the Council’s study session discussion, would be to generally ban such RV parking — with some exceptions.

Councilwoman Joan Peck moved to direct city staff to contact Boulder County government officials about the possibility of converting a county-owned property in the 1200 block of Alaska Avenue in Longmont to a “safe lot” for people in such sleeper vehicles when they have lost or can’t afford conventional housing because of financial emergencies.

Council members were still discussing Peck’s proposal and other possible options late Tuesday.

“Are we going to say that no RVs, no sleeper trailers” can be parked on Longmont’s public streets, Peck said.

If so, she suggested, the city should work with other government organizations to provide short-term locations where people with Longmont ties — and possibly even have Longmont jobs and children in local schools — can park those vehicles on a temporary basis until they can get into, or back into, conventional housing.

Deputy Public Safety Chief Jeff Satur said that under the current city code requirement, an RV has to be moved after being parked 48 hours in one location. The result is that people move them, either to return later or they take them to another part of the city, he said.

Longmont’s staff has said code enforcement and police officers report there’s been an uptick in reports of junked, abandoned and/or publicly parked sleeper vehicles, also referred to as recreational vehicles, on city property — along with problems of trash and sewage.

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