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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct what type of gathering that took place at a fraternity house.University of Colorado Boulder leaders issued a warning to students Thursday after a fraternity event on University Hill drew 120 students in violation of coronavirus public health orders and university policy.

In a letter to students, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Akirah Bradley outlined consequences for being caught hosting or attending large parties, including being banned from campus for two weeks, probation and other sanctions.

“This reckless behavior is putting the campus experience and everyone’s health at risk,” Bradley wrote.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was fined by the Interfraternity Council on the Hill for hosting the pre-rush event, according to the Denver Post, although spokesperson Marc Stine would not disclose the amount of the fine.

CU Boulder students will be suspended for at least one semester for multiple or severe violations, Bradley wrote, and students in leadership positions of off-campus organizations that host parties could also be charged with “aiding and abetting in other individuals’ violations of public health orders.”

If students come on campus after being banned for attending large parties, they can be ticketed by the CU Police Department for criminal trespass and suspended, Bradley wrote.

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