Janette Heung (Twitter)

A Boulder woman died earlier this month while climbing in Wyoming.

Janette Heung, 35, died on Sept. 5 from massive internal and external blunt force trauma suffered in a fall while mountain climbing on the Wind River Range, according to Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen.

According to a post, Heung’s climbing partner Josh Digrugilliers said Heung was rappeling the South Buttress rappels of Pingora Peak when a “melon-sized” rock fell and cut Heung’s anchor and she fell about 400 feet.

“I did not see the rock strike the anchor but I heard the tensioned sling and webbing break,” Digrugilliers wrote. “I saw Janette fall backward, no longer connected to anything.”

Her climbing partners performed CPR and she was transported by helicopter but she did not survive her injuries.

Heung joined Boulder’s University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in April, according to an email and post by UCAR.

“It is amazing how many people at UCAR have been touched by Janette in less than five months, and how much positive influence she had on us,” UCAR Community Programs Director Bill Kuo wrote. “She was a brilliant leader, a great colleague, and a dear friend to many of us. Janette was a wonderful person that we all loved, trusted, and enjoyed working with. She taught us how a great leader can take us to the next level of success. She showed us how to live our lives to the fullest in work, in play, and anything in between.

“Janette is a shining star that we will never forget.”

UCAR announced it would hold a virtual memorial service for Heung on Wednesday, and people can make donations in her memory to the Nature Conservancy or American Alpine Club.

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