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Ashlee Wagoner’s unicorn statue, Rarity, is pictured in front of her Longmont home, before it was stolen on Sunday. (Courtesy of Ashlee Wagoner)
Ashlee Wagoner’s unicorn statue, Rarity, is pictured in front of her Longmont home, before it was stolen on Sunday. (Courtesy of Ashlee Wagoner)

After Ashlee Wagoner’s 6-foot-tall unicorn statue was stolen from her yard early Sunday, she needed a little magic in her life. A Longmont woman stepped up to answer the call.

Wagoner reported the theft to Longmont police, after the glittering pink and white unicorn with holographic wings and LED lights was taken from her condo’s garden at Hover Street and 14th Avenue. Wagoner had named the statue Rarity, after a “My Little Pony” TV show character. The statue had cost Wagoner about $150, with shipping costs.

“I was really devastated,” Wagoner said. “I put the unicorn up last November to gear up for Christmas and I just loved it being out there so much that I decided to keep it up all year round. It’s been the landmark to my house. I didn’t, but I was on the verge of wanting to cry. I just can’t believe someone came and took it.”

When Wagoner noticed the unicorn was missing on Monday afternoon, she checked the feed from her Ring doorbell camera. At 5:51 a.m., the footage shows a woman stepping into Wagoner’s garden on the southwest side of the condo and carrying away the unicorn.

Wagoner added that she once had a lock on the unicorn, but had removed it a couple of weeks ago while preparing her garden for winter. The statue was tethered and staked to the ground. According to the police report that Wagoner filed, the tethers had been cut and a few of the stakes were left behind.

For Wagoner, a childcare worker, the unicorn was more than just a sparkly statue, it provided a sense of whimsy and comfort, whether she was looking at it from the garden with her son, Jayce, who is 5½ months old, or passing it as she drove on Hover Street.

The unicorn also made an impact on Longmont residents. Wagoner posted about the theft in a Longmont community Facebook group. Judi Atwood, of Longmont, said she saw the post and felt like she had to do something.

In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Atwood said in an email Wednesday that she’s been running all the errands to prevent her boyfriend, who has asthma, from being potentially exposed.

“Ashlee’s unicorn gave me comfort on my trips to Safeway,” Atwood wrote in the email. “When I heard her story, I thought, what would my mom do?”

Atwood said her mom, who was a nurse, and aunts dedicated their lives to giving to other people, inspiring her to do the same. She ordered a unicorn statue, which according to a receipt she provided to the Times-Call, cost $139.98. The statue is currently on back order. Atwood plans to give it to Wagoner when it arrives.

Wagoner said she was “totally blown away” by the act of kindness. Others, like Atwood, said on social media that seeing the unicorn glittering through the day and lit up at night brought them joy.

Wagoner is still hopeful that if word gets out, the person responsible for the theft will find it in their heart to return it.

“I would just hope they would want to reflect on doing this,” Wagoner said. “It’s not right to take things that aren’t yours. It’s something I really cherished having in front of my home. I would appreciate if they would just bring it back.”

If she’s left with two unicorns, Wagoner said, the plan would be to give back to Atwood the one she purchased.

Longmont police Deputy Chief Jeff Satur said in an email Wednesday that police didn’t yet have any leads on who took the unicorn. He encouraged anyone with information to call the Longmont Police Department at 303-651-8501.

People who have information but wish to remain anonymous may submit information to the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).  Information submitted to Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers leading to the identification of a suspect and filing of charges may be eligible to receive a reward up to $2,000.

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