Moose in Boulder County foothills rubs its rack on shiny sedan

It's rutting season, so be careful around moose and elk


A mischievous moose rubbed a sedan the wrong way in the foothills of Boulder County.

The encounter happened on a foothills trail and a passing driver named Chris Devlin recorded a video clip, according to Boulder County Open Space.

Officials remind park and open-space users that this time of year is rutting season for moose and elk and the big animals are “feeling quite ornery right now!”

Open space posted a few reminders about moose and wildlife:

  • Keep your distance, no selfies.
  • Moose are among Colorado’s most dangerous animals.
  • Moose are particularly agitated by dogs, pets should be on a leash.
  • Moose are extremely protective of their territory.

Devlin did the right thing staying in his vehicle and keeping a safe distance from the moose.

In the video clip, the moose pays particular attention to the rear driver’s side panel of the dark-colored car, dropping its head and rubbing its rack along the vehicle. Devlin honks his car horn a few times, chasing the Moose off into the woods before further damage is done.