Peace Train: United States’ deadly role in Middle East devastation

It’s past time to drop regime change in Iran and to negotiate in good faith

During the past 30 years, the criminal U.S. foreign policy, strongly supported by Israel, has led to the devastation of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen with incredible suffering and death visited on their populations.

In addition, the U.S. foreign policy of using economic sanctions and interventions in the politics of other nations has led to tremendous suffering in Iran, Somalia and Sudan as well as in many other nations around the world. Moreover, immoral U.S. support enables horrendous Israeli war crimes and violations of human rights against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and against Lebanon.

Pointing out this U.S.-caused chaos and devastation does not indicate support for the policies of the leaders of these targeted countries. However, the daily lives for most people in these countries were far, far better before the U.S. interventions.

Unfortunately, the chaos created by the U.S. and some of its allies continues to this day. Many people in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen are facing a living hell due to a lack of security and the basic essentials such as food, shelter, sanitation, clean water and electricity. Incoherent U.S. policies have also played a major role in the creation of millions of refugees who have fled to surrounding countries and to Europe.

In a reasonable and just world, many U.S. political and military leaders would be on trial for war crimes, including illegal sanctions. Instead, U.S. political leaders and their puppet media now admit that the illegal and unwarranted attack on Iraq was a mistake that cost trillions of dollars. There is no talk about trillions of dollars in reparations that the U.S. should pay to Iraq (and to Libya, Syria and Yemen). In addition, the Iraqi suffering and devastation is downplayed. Note too that George W. Bush and his officials are rehabilitated in the U.S. media with no hint of them being war criminals.

The Saudi Arabia attack on Yemen, enabled by the U.S., continues with more suffering, disease and starvation. Apparently these victims don’t matter to U.S. politicians.

It is the same in Palestine, especially in Gaza, but also in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The illegal 13-year long Israeli siege of Gaza continues, depriving Palestinians there of the necessities of life including sanitation, clean water, medical supplies and a steady and reliable supply of electricity. In the West Bank, Israel is attempting a slow motion ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by stealing their lands and making their lives unbearable. However, Palestinians, the rightful owners of the land, are determined to stay in their homes. International popular support for the just and moral Palestinian cause continues to grow. Despite this popular support, Palestinian lives don’t seem to matter to U.S. leaders.

The U.S. foreign policy, long pushed by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli lobby, still has Iran in its crosshairs. Many U.S. politicians continue to assert that Iran is actively pursuing a nuclear weapon, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Given Chinese and Russian support for Iran, any illegal U.S. attack could lead to a nuclear war.

Then, in the immortal words of Elmer Fudd, “that’s all folks.” It’s past time to drop regime change in Iran and to negotiate in good faith.