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Kevin Gouran poses with his service dog Louise. He entered the photo to the Dogs of Broomfield Days contest.
Kevin Gouran poses with his service dog Louise. He entered the photo to the Dogs of Broomfield Days contest.

A photo of Louise, a Broomfield golden retriever who was selected the Dogs of Broomfield Days contest, was installed last week at Outlook Park last week as part of a new dog waste station.

Her owner, Kevin Gouran, said Louise is his service dog, who was born and lived on a ranch in San Antonio before coming to Broomfield. She was trained through Heel The Heroes, an organization that provides service dogs to veterans who require assistance.

“The incredible training for Louise was a journey,” he wrote. “The process takes about two years. Louise was trained by two wonderful ladies down in Texas.”

After those two years, Louise was brought to Colorado with the CEO and Executive Director Lyndon Villone, whom Gouran describes as “an incredible Marine vet who started this wonderful organization.”

Gouran met Villone through a friend and signed up since he had been looking for a service dog to help with his disabilities. Gouran trained with Louise for a year and then was “awarded the coolest dog in the country.”

“Everyone wants to touch her, because she is so beautiful,” he said, adding the two are certified and Louise is his life saver. “She provides me with mobility, PTSD comfort, and currently we are training for my diabetes to let me know if my blood sugar is too low. But the best thing about Louise is she loves everyone and every dog she meets.”

Gouran was one of 40 residents who submitted photos for the contest, which was part of the city and county’s completely virtual Broomfield Days.

Becka Nordstrom, Senior Engagement Specialist with the city and county, said 120 residents voted in the contest and that Louise, a diabetic alert dog, won by a landslide with 82 votes.

Residents who are interested in sponsoring a Do Your Doody station can visit These stations were first installed as a collaborative project between the Broomfield Leadership Academy and Abby Lind from Girl Scout Troop 65588. Lind’s to Broomfield City Council prompted a city and county project to increase education surrounding the impacts of dog waste on the environment as well as place new dog waste stations in Broomfield.

About 1,400 people viewed or engaged with the website, she said. A section where community members could browse deals from vendors and restaurants drew about 30% of the traffic.

People were invited to send in photos and stories of past Broomfield Days through A lot of residents shared pictures of parade performances and generations of families at the event, Nordstrom said.

“A lot of great memories were submitted,” she said. “It was clear that some of the most treasured memories were spending time with family and friends at Broomfield Days.”

The Broomfield Depot Museum was able to find photos of pins from the 1970s, T-shirts from the 1980s and other historic images.

“We had a pretty good outpouring of community support and people visiting the page,” Nordstrom said. “We hope next year we’ll be able to bring the regular Broomfield Days back.”



Louise, a golden retriever, won the Dogs of Broomfield Days photo contest in 2020.

Residents can view some of the performances, including Johnny & The Mongrels, Tenia Nelson trio and Jack Hadley, on

Some residents submitted letters with memories of walking in the parade with schoolmates, marching with the Broomfield High School band and later taking children and grandchildren to the event. One recalled how their family all met at the Girl Scout Shelter early in the morning to enjoy the pancake breakfast, watch the parade, support the Duck Race, shop at all the tents and tables, and enjoy the musical performances.

Resident Tim Clifford said unlike the current Broomfield Days, which lasts a day or two, the Broomfield Days in the mid 1960s lasted an entire week with afternoons and evenings filled with dances, bonfires, contests and bingo games. All that led up to the parade on Saturday.

“There was a full carnival that came to town for Broomfield Days including all the usual carnival rides, booths, games and concession stands,” he wrote.

It was held in various locations in the parking lots near what used to be the old strip mall, he said, and is now occupied by At Home and Broomfield Auto Service.

“Kids and adults would go to the carnival to ride the rides and play the booths and games all week long leading to its peak on Friday and Saturday evening,” he wrote, “and I clearly remember on a Friday night winning a first prize of my choice on one of the booth games which for some reason I chose a black and yellow 3-foot tall cat.”

One of his fondest memories involved a “helicopter drop” where a helicopter came over what was then an open field and dropped wooden coins with various discounts written on them. Children scrambled for them, he said, and exchanged them for toys or treats.

“I could go on forever with other wonderful Broomfield Days memories (5K race, golf tournament, food-eating contests in the park, etc) but suffice it to say that Broomfield Days holds a very special place in my heart and the hearts of all of my family,” Clifford said.

Broomfield Days trivia

A trivia game held as part of the virtual event. Below are some facts about Broomfield Days.

The Jaycees were the first group to celebrate Broomfield annually.  What was the event called then?

Boom Days

Who sponsors the Clown Contest?

Optimist Club

What nonprofit benefits from the proceeds of the Broomfield Days Golf Tournament?

Broomfield Senior Resources Board

Who is Broomfield Days’ Parade Master of Ceremonies?

Paul Derda

What nonprofit serves the annual pancake breakfast each year?

Lions Club

Broomfield Days is a Zero Waste festival.  How much waste is diverted from the landfill on average each year?

Approximately a ton of waste is recycled or composted after Broomfield Days each year.

The Parks team is just one of the CCOB teams to work to create a successful Broomfield Days event.  How many staff and total hours do you think the Parks team dedicated to Broomfield Days in 2019?

A) 32 staff and 562 total hoursB) 61 staff and 1,225 total hoursC) 75 taff and 1,876 total hours

(Answer: B)

How many tickets are ordered each year for rides and games at Broomfield Days?

30,000 tickets

Who sponsors the annual Broomfield Days Duck Race?

Broomfield High School Orchestra

Approximately what time does Broomfield staff start work on Saturday morning of Broomfield Days?

5 a.m.

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