The election is now over and Joe Biden is the president-elect.

What is likely to happen after Biden is inaugurated? The incoming Biden administration will face numerous huge problems left behind by the Trump Administration. It is likely that COVID-19 will still be a major concern here and in many other nations around the world. Then, President Biden will also have to deal with high levels of unemployment, homelessness, hunger, people underinsured or without health insurance, income and wealth inequality as well as an angry and divided nation. In addition, the Biden Administration will have to deal with the appalling systemic discrimination against minorities, women and the poor.

The Trump Administration also took steps that could increase the severity of the climate catastrophe scientists have been warning about for decades. We are already seeing devastation caused by the rapidly changing climate and the risk of ever-greater devastation continues to grow. This situation requires an urgent worldwide campaign larger than anything humans have ever done. To achieve the necessary international cooperation will also require a huge change in the criminal U.S. militaristic and sanctions-based foreign policy. The U.S. must also greatly reduce corporate welfare for the military-industrial complex. In addition, it must rely on diplomacy and, among other things, respect the sovereignty of other nations.

However, if we accept politics as usual under the Biden presidency, that is, politics directed and controlled by Wall Street and large corporate interests, the rights of a large portion of the U.S. population will continue to be ignored. When government fails to address the needs of its people, its legitimacy can be questioned and there is a risk of society falling apart.

The low level of voter participation in our elections, particularly in non-presidential years, is already a concern. Do people not vote because they have given up on the system? Even this year with a hotly contested election, roughly one-third of the eligible electorate failed to vote. Making matters worse, the blatant politicization of the Supreme Court has weakened its already tenuous claims to legitimacy as an independent branch of government.

If we continue to allow the profit-driven corporate-controlled media, including social media, to divide us from one another, we will be unable to overcome the huge problems mentioned above. It is necessary for “we the people” to unite — to overcome the left/right, Democratic/Republican partisan divide — in order to force the U.S. political system to work on behalf of the people instead of on behalf of the special interests of the wealthy.

If the Biden Administration adopts positions that clearly benefit “we the people” instead of the wealthy and powerful, there is a good chance of overcoming our dangerous division. Note what we demand are universally recognized human rights that people deserve wherever they are on the left/right political spectrum. These rights include decent housing, living wage jobs, good food, health care, education, fair and equal treatment before the law, voting and a clean and safe environment.

These are not extreme positions and people in many other nations have had these rights for decades. Unfortunately, we still don’t have these rights, making the U.S. exceptional in the sense of how few basic human rights we actually have. Can we pressure President Biden enough for him to adopt this popular approach? Sí, se puede!